Are there any other funding sources?

If you are seeking funding for a community-based arts project you may be able to apply to a number of funding bodies. The main government arts funding bodies are:

Fairfield City Council also administers the Fairfield City Council Community Cultural Development Grant Program. For more information contact click here or contact the Community project officer – Cultural development on 9725 0757.

However, your objectives may not just relate to arts. You don’t have to apply for all of your funding from one place. Do some research into what other opportunities are available for funding.

Sources of information on funding and sponsorship

Corporate and business opportunities

Many corporations have funds that they give out to charities or projects. The priorities for these funds change from year to year depending on the issues they think are important at that time.

Some examples include:

In-kind support

Remember that not all support has to be from a funding body that gives you money. There are organisations that can help you through in-kind support. This means that they may not give you actual funding but can help you out with equipment, office space, donating staff to work on your project, phone use, administration services, etc.

Case Study:

Cabramatta Stories Project

Some of the aims included:

  1. Increase awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures that exist within the community.
  2. Actively provide a way for young people to challenge and highlight misconceptions and stereotypes about themselves.
  3. Enhance employment, education and training opportunities for young people.
    • For aim 1, funding could possibly be sought from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Living in Harmony grant, which focuses on community harmony; or from the Community Relations Commission NSW.
    • For aim 2, the focus is on young people. There are many grants that focus on young people and this includes grants from the Foundation for Young Australians.
    • For aim 3, funding could be sought from the Department of Education and Training or the Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme (as coordinated by local government councils).
  4. Be sure other funding providers for your project know that you have also applied elsewhere and tell them if you are successful.